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Maximise your career opportunities by
enhancing your
AI knowledge

Learn AI. Drive change. Define future.

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Artificial Intelligence is  transforming industry

Become AI aware, with bespoke learning created to match your current skills.


For your industry, for your level, for your future.


Shape your own curriculum

AI is transforming business

AI learning for business.
Designed by business folks, for business folks.


A business oriented

AI currriculum curated just for you

Real case studies, talks by industry experts, courses from leading schools and practice assignments to help you apply AI thinking in the real world


Sales and Retail

Supply Chain Management


The ctrl f advantage



Learn how artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are shaping your industry and work. Understand your learning needs and acquire skills to apply AI in your job.


Use your new skills to grow within your role, find new opportunities, and to establish your credentials within your community.


Find and invite friends, colleagues, thought leaders and industry experts. Engage with skilled and likeminded professionals. Learn together and from each other.



ctrl f was born out of the realisation that there is a large gap between ambition and skills in nearly all businesses when it comes to executing AI projects. The ability to identify opportunities and define the best use cases to transform a business can only come from a combination of an excellent knowledge of the business, and an understanding of the benefits and methodologies of AI. ctrlf aims to bridge this gap.

ctrl f is founded by seasoned senior professionals from telecom, fintech, banking, consulting, HR, IT and marketing, with pedigree with some of the most respected brands in the world. 

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